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Friday, 31-Mar-2006 05:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My new love

Merida Road Runner. Peep Peep!
May I present you, my latest love (for now)... the Merida 905-20 road racer with carbon fibre fork.

I know I know I was supposed to get myself a mountain bike, but heck, I don't even have time to watch a movie nowadays, so how am I supposed to find time for jungle excursions? Hmm.. trying to justify my purchase I guess.

Anyway, I'm practically a 'virgin' when it comes to road bikes. Technology has advanced so rapidly that nowadays manufacturers use trick materials (Alu 6066 and carbon fibre), specialised processes (hydroforming) and scientific simulation (windtunnel testing) to produce these hi performance bikes.

I haven't yet tested the bike on the road properly, but suffice to say that only time will tell whether I could get myself 'committed' to this new love affair. After all, I'm a die-hard mountainbiker at heart.

Watch this space people...

Thursday, 30-Mar-2006 02:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Long lost love...

My second love, the Specialised FSR Enduro Pro
The one that got away...
Yesterday I visited an old friend (Ah Leong) at the KSH bike shop in Taman Tun. It's been a few years since I last went there. The friendly old chap was shocked to see me, as if I had come back from the dead. Well, I did die. I lost all my riding buddies, I've sold off all my bikes and closed the chapter on cycling. Until yesterday...

You see, I was once an avid mountain biker. Yes, this fat bellied, big-arse yours truly was once an extreme sports junkie with a fit and horny body to die for (now bring me the sick bag will ya). I could ride a bike the whole day, wheezing through thick bushes and oil palms in the Malaysian jungle and estates at blazing speeds. No rain or shine detered my quest for the ultimate thrill of going downhill on a steep rut-infested slope at 50km/h!

But in 2003 I gave up my passion altogether to focus on other more important things (like putting food on the table). I had sold my Santa Cruz (see previous posting) in the UK to save transportation cost of bringing it home, and since then I had one-by-one sold off my equipment until what's left is nothing but my stained cycling tights which have seen better days.

Anyway, back to the old shoppe which I used to frequent, I once again paid a visit, this time with the intention of catching up with lost love:

M: "Hey dude, how's it going?"
L: "Wah, Mahathir! Long time no see! Baru balik ka?"
M: "No lar, I've been around. Just been bz nowadays. You still look the same la Leong."
L: "Yeah man, getting younger!"
M: "So what's new in the bike scene? Are you still selling the Santa Cruz?"
L: "Eh, come let me show you this catalogue. Now aa, everybody is waiting for this new Titus Racer X (refering to another bike brand). It has won many awards and gotten great reviews..."

So from there on, my old flame has rekindled. I think you can guess what'll happen next...

Yes, I think I'm gonna renew my love relationship again! Who says there is no second chance?

Wednesday, 29-Mar-2006 04:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My first time ranting

Another day at the office (see pic). Sometimes I wonder why my life is so routine. What happened to all those dreams I had when I was little? I wanted to explore the world. I wanted a job that allows me to travel the globe. I wanted to see other cultures, do interesting things like bungee jumping, sky diving and of course, mountain biking (which I regretable had to give up due to lack of time and other commitments).

My childhood education was unique. I was trained to think out of the box. I had been to places where others had only dreamt of. I was away from home for a long long time. I was given the opportunity to head a group of 50 odd employees. I had great exposure in the working world. I had a great bunch of friends. I still have a great bunch of friends, its just that I visit my grandma's grave more often than I see them nowadays.

So what is happening to me? I'm now relegated to an 8 to 5.30 job that is mostly desk-bound. I have another job that starts from 5.30 onwards till wee hours in the morning. Day in, day out. I drive a Kelisa, I still live with my parents. I've sold my precious mountain bike (Santa Cruz Superlight with custom parts summore) to focus on my work.

Newflash! I'll be out of a job by Sept this year. My 3-yr contract will expire then, and looking at the way my company is being run I don't think it'll be renewed. End of line.

Or is it? So what? I can get another job. I can start my own business. I can do the things I love, and I have all the time to do that. I can continue pursuing my beloved photography as a profession. I can free myself to do charity work. Now that doesn't seem too bad at all does it?

But then again, I have loans to service. Credit card debts to pay. Living expenses to consider. Kids' education to save up for. Plus I want a bigger, faster car than my perfectly-adequate-for-now Kelisa.

Choices choices...

Sunday, 26-Mar-2006 19:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
PhotoBooth gone biserk!

View all 12 photos...
The final series of this photobooth crazemania. Some really wacky effects on show here...

Sunday, 26-Mar-2006 18:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Return of the PhotoBooth

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Part 2, being silly.

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